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BU + MIT• October 21st + 22nd

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Science Needs Distributed Technologies

DeSci Boston is a 2-day event bringing together Open Science leaders, developers, DeSci leaders, and funders in the Open Science ecosystem. We will provide a platform for projects to showcase the work they have done, and the milestones they plan to accomplish.


Redesigning the incentive structures that underpin science using digital technologies


DeSci is democratizing access to scientific software and data, benefiting the whole scientific community


A wide variety of innovations are being built, such as permanent & transparent knowledge repositories, improved data storage & access systems, governance infrastructure tooling, redesigned processes for scientific societies, open licensing solutions, and cloud lab frameworks for world-wide wet-lab access.

Upcoming Speakers
Andrew Bakst

Co-founder @HairDAO

Anish Goel

Math undergrad @Caltech, Fellow at VitaDAO + Press Start Capital

Cedric Warney

ML Engineer and Governance Scholar

Chris Peng

Co-founder and CEO @ Labfront | Founding team @ DeSciAsia

Ellie DeSota

Open Source @ DeSci Labs.

Glen Weyl

Founder of the RadicalxChange Foundation & Plurality Institute.

Isabelle Ki

President @ BU Blockchain

James Sinka

OrangeDAO Member, YCombinator Alumni

John Zannos

Partner at

Jon Starr

Program Manager @numfocus for the Open-Source Science initiative.

Joshua Bate

Founder @ DeSci World

Lori Gordon

Systems Director + Corporate Chiefs Engineer Office @ The Aerospace Corporation


Core team @ Blockchain Acceleration Foundation, President @ Suffolk University Blockchain Club

Ramesh Raskar

Associate Professor at MIT Media Lab.

Robert Mahari

Researcher @ MIT Media Lab

Ronen Tamari

PhD Candidate at Hebrew University of Jerusalem,

Taylor Hulsmans

Independent Researcher

Vivian Chen

Leader at G0V / DA0 “GovZero” and “DAOZero”, Key Contributor at Plurality Taipei, and Funding the Commons

Past Speakers
Co-director ResDev, Protocol Labs.
David Aronchick
CEO and Founder, DeSci Labs
Christopher Hill
Assistant Professor Washington University School of Medicine
Tim Peterson
Founder at
Martin Karlsson
Founder of Vibe Bio
Alok Tayi
CEO of Molecule
Paul Kohlhaas
Founder at OpSci
Shady El Damaty
Web Instigator at Fifty Years
Ale Borda
Head of Research & Network Goods, Protocol Labs
Evan Miyazono
Fundraising & Partnerships Lead, Gitcoin
Azeem Khan
Talent Lead, Gitcoin
Maxwell Kanter
Managing Partner at Atria Ventures
Chris Leiter
Partner at True Ventures
Adam D'Augelli
Associate at North Pond Ventures
Patrick Malone
Investment Partner at Shine Capital
Emma Sokoloff
Partner at Initialized Capital
Parul Singh
OrangeDAO Member, YCombinator Alumni
James Sinka
Head of Operations and Community at DeSci Labs
Erik Van Winkle
President of MIT Blockchain Club
Sam Broner
Research Program Manager at Protocol Labs
Karola Kirsanow
CEO of The Foresight Institute
Allison Duettmann
Archival Resource Key Founder
John Kunze
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